Canada #1 – Fancy a room like this?


It’s permanently set up for live music, with drums, piano, guitars, amps, a double bass (yes John Parker) and a pool table. Speaking of pools, there’s actually a swimming pool under the stage which they don’t really use. The trapdoor is under the drum stool… If there’s one thing they have here in Canada it is space. It’s not much … Read More

Open The Box!


Last year I did a long series of tour blogs, really honest ones, and it turned out to be a real Pandora’s box of the thoughts and emotions that build up in me when playing music live. I couldn’t stop and did one almost every day. This year has been Pandora’s Box in reverse – I couldn’t bring myself to … Read More

#31 Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

There’s something quite intoxicating about a silent crowd. When you first start doing gigs the crowd is like a wild lion to tame, and more often than not you expect to get mauled. Rise up through the ranks and one day the crowd might become yours – silent, compliant and rolling over like a house cat. But be warned, don’t … Read More

#30 Bootleggers, Kendal


Do you like goalkeeping dogs? Minty cake? How about excellent hospitality? You should think about a visit to Kendal.

#29 Greystones, Sheffield

Everyone comes to a gig via their own route. You might have just broken up with someone, maybe you had a great day at work, maybe you miss someone, maybe you want to party, maybe you want to talk to no one and be miserable. As well as that everyone has their own relationship with the music. Is this song … Read More

#28 CB2, Cambridge

Should all artists be good raconteurs? Just because you’re comfortable communicating using music doesn’t mean you’re comfortable communicating using words in general. In fact maybe you started to communicate using music exactly because you struggled to communicate like everyone else does and you felt isolated. That’s what sort of happened with me. Then one day I find myself in front … Read More

#27 Mr Kyp’s, Poole

Photo: James Dark God I love this job. Tonight a massive crowd sang all the songs back at us, and I shared the stage again with Tom McQ.

#26 Mama Stones, Exeter

I must admit I wasn’t totally convinced it should be me who hands her the ring. What if she gets confused as to who was asking the question? I do love how there are just no two days alike on tour. That’s partly because if you’re gigging at this level you don’t control very much – you get what you’re … Read More

#25 Schtumm, The Old Queen’s Head, Wiltshire

I can count on one hand the number of songs that have utterly ripped my world apart in my adult life. I’m not just talking about “wow that’s my song of the year”. I mean full-on, powerless obsession – there when you wake up, with you all day and keeping you awake all night. I have a theory that whenever … Read More