Falter Music Video

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falter video

I’m very proud to present this video for my new single Falter. Like with the music, a huge amount of thought went into it.

Let’s get the cast and credits in here early, so we know whose hand to shake vigorously if we see them walking down the street or in the local police station on holiday in Torremolinos or wherever.

First up is director Rosie Collins who I met through mutual friends Paper Aeroplanes. Here she is being taught Suggestive Golf by Samual L. Jackson.

Rosie Collins

Rosie has character traits common to a lot of technically-minded people – hard working, patient, adaptable, straight talking… to that she can also add creative, kind and very easy to work with. She’s really talented.

The real star of the show though is Will Davis, an aerial performance artist working mainly in ropes and silks. He teaches, performs, writes books, has enormous muscles and … Read the rest

London Date Announced *now sold out*

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Jake Morley - Slaughtered Lamb, London

I’m delighted to announce an intimate London show on Wednesday 3rd December 2014.

Members of my band will be joining me on stage for the first time since The Social. It’s a very intimate space, perfect for sharing new songs like Falter.

More than half of the tickets have already gone so if you can possibly be there click/prod away at this ticket link and let’s get this date sold out: http://bit.ly/YW2in8

x… Read the rest

The Hardest Interview Ever

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Lateness is never a good look for an interviewer, and after a 10 minute sprint my attempt to stroll the last few yards casually surely wouldn’t fool anybody. Fortunately, Barnet-born singer-songwriter Jake Morley arrives at exactly the same time, and we bond over the inherent awkwardness of interviewing yourself. I’m shorter than I expected, with an almost imperceptible nervousness. “Relax,” he says seeing the same in me. “We do this every day”.

Self-reflection and internal narratives are major themes running through much of the bolder and more mature material that is set to follow 2012’s cult classic Many Fish To Fry. The joyful debut is clutched close to the chests of many as a result of extensive headline touring round the world, numerous festival and support slots, and enthusiastic support from Radio 2, 6Music, local radio and the press.

“I’ve actually only toured the UK, Ireland, one coast of … Read the rest

Falter Coming Soon – 12/08/12

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Falter-cover photo

Hey friends, I’ve got a bit of news at last :)

On Tuesday 12th August I’d like to share a new song with you. It’s called Falter, also known by people at gigs as “Headstrong” and “That One With The Flicky Hand Guitar Sound”.

To tell you the truth*1 I’m a little nervous about sharing it. Although there will be some songs on this new album that would sit very happily on Many Fish To Fry, they’re a varied bunch and others sort of wouldn’t. I’ve explicably chosen one of the latter to share first, so I can’t help wondering if when you hear it you’ll all desert me for some other, younger facebook page.

But I’ve had a long time to think about what I want this album to sound like, and this is absolutely it. It’s more mature, it’s painstakingly thought through*2, and it’s as honest a thing … Read the rest

The Jelly Is Setting People

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My favourite moment writing a song or recording an album is about 70% in when you know you’ve cracked it but there’s still time to be creative with where it goes.

Other bits are great too, particularly the initial thrill of discovery and the final letting go, but this bit, the 70% bit, that’s the bit I love the most.

Leaning over a vibraphone in the studio yesterday, full of concentration with a different kind of mallet in each hand, I got my first glimpse of it and a big weight lifted – I think I’m going to be extremely happy with this record.

Two formal confessions: Technically, we’re not actually 70% through on every song yet, there is still a massive amount more to do.

Secondly, there are still one or two fights I’m not yet winning on this album, a couple of rocky-looks-like-he’s-finished songs that are awaiting a … Read the rest

Music and Movement

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I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my first new single, and it’s almost time to shoot a video for it. My ideas invariably involve lots of walking, I wonder why might that be? Time to reverse psychology myself.

As a kid I’d definitely listen to music in my room a lot, it felt like putting life on hold and losing myself for a while.

But everything changed when I started putting earphones in and taking music with me. Music on the way to school, music on a random bus somewhere, music coming home from a party where my best mate just kissed the girl I fancied.

I used to walk down the street chatting to a mate whilst keeping an earphone in my other ear. Sometimes the other bud was in theirs, sometimes not. It was a tacit acknowledgement that neither of us had anything as interesting to say … Read the rest

Extra Dates Added…

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autumn tour 2013 2

…Inverness, Cambridge, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Norwich.

Lots of people love the idea of live music, as long as it’s not rubbish right? I don’t know if you’ve come to one of my gigs before or not, dear reader, or whether you thought it was good, but either way this could be a good time to book a couple of speculative tickets. I’m feeling full of purpose and new ideas right now, and I’m eager to give you everything I have.

What’s more I’ve been able to keep the ticket prices quite low to hopefully not price anyone out who might want to come. Truth is I’m not too fussed about your £6 (although it does all help) I just want you in the damn room, because great things can happen when lots of people all get in a room together.

Take a look to see if there’s one near you, … Read the rest

UK Solo Tour Now On Sale

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Jake Morley UK Tour

I invented a new rule yesterday in time for my birthday today. For two days either side of your birthday you are allowed to eat anything you can find in the kitchen, even if it’s not your food or your kitchen.

We’ve been almost announcing this tour for a while now and I figured why not do it today? So in between mouthfuls of cake here goes – my 2013 UK Tour is now on sale…

25th Sept 2013 Moon Club Cardiff Tickets
27th Sept 2013 Queen’s Head Box On Door
28th Sept 2013 Somborne Sessions Kings Somborne Tickets
1st Oct 2013 The Castle Manchester Tickets
2nd Oct 2013 Bootleggers Kendal Tickets
4th Oct 2013 The Bothy, Hootenanny’s Inverness Tickets
6th Oct 2013 Old Bridge Inn Aviemore Call 01479811137
7th Oct 2013 The Hop Wakefield Tickets
8th Oct 2013 Black Swan York Tickets
9th Oct 2013 The Shakespeare Sheffield Tickets
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