The Jelly Is Setting People


My favourite moment writing a song or recording an album is about 70% in when you know you’ve cracked it but there’s still time to be creative with where it goes. Other bits are great too, particularly the initial thrill of discovery and the final letting go, but this bit, the 70% bit, that’s the bit I love the most. … Read More

Music and Movement


I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my first new single, and it’s almost time to shoot a video for it. My ideas invariably involve lots of walking, I wonder why might that be? Time to reverse psychology myself. As a kid I’d definitely listen to music in my room a lot, it felt like putting life on hold and … Read More

The Everything Goes Back To Normal Button


Every tour I like to run a competition. This year it’s this. One of my new songs is about An Everything Goes Back To Normal Button, so I decided to make a batch for real.

Extra Dates Added…

autumn tour 2013 2

…Inverness, Cambridge, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Norwich. Lots of people love the idea of live music, as long as it’s not rubbish right? I don’t know if you’ve come to one of my gigs before or not, dear reader, or whether you thought it was good, but either way this could be a good time to book a couple of speculative … Read More

UK Solo Tour Now On Sale

Jake Morley UK Tour

I invented a new rule yesterday in time for my birthday today. For two days either side of your birthday you are allowed to eat anything you can find in the kitchen, even if it’s not your food or your kitchen. We’ve been almost announcing this tour for a while now and I figured why not do it today? So … Read More

Sebright Arms 26th October


I’ve always admired the way Communion develop their artists, giving a platform for songwriters like Ben Howard, Laura Marling and Daughter to play their music. So I’m very happy for them to present my next London gig at The Sebright Arms. I know it’s not a massive venue, but this tour has always been about playing in the best small … Read More

New Album + A London Gig


I can report that writing the ‘difficult second album’ has indeed been difficult. Should it be an elaborate concept album? How many bagpipes to have in my bagpipe orchestra? There was joy, there was *facepalm*. I made a sign. But along the way I feel like I re-discovered music, and look at many of these new songs as the best … Read More

More Excellent People Doing Great Things

John Crowdsurfing

Just want to express my gratitude to The People’s Republic of¬†Nizlopi for letting me be part of their special shows in London this week. Two extraordinary people making extraordinary music, it really was a privilege to be one of their support acts along with the brilliant¬†Antonio Lulic. Who else makes music like them? They really are like nothing I’ve ever … Read More

Excellent People Doing Great Things

One Run For Boston

Wonderful to be introducing two excellent new projects – One Run For Boston and The Little Bird Foundation. One Run For Boston is a non-stop relay race spanning the width of the United States to raise money for The One Fund, a charity set up to provide assistance to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Over 1000 runners are taking … Read More