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Jun 14, 2013
Jake Morley

Excellent People Doing Great Things

Wonderful to be introducing two excellent new projects – One Run For Boston and The Little Bird Foundation.

One Run For Boston is a non-stop relay race spanning the width of the United States to raise money for The One Fund, a charity set up to provide assistance to victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Over 1000 runners are taking part, passing on the baton to a new runner every couple of hours for 3 weeks night and day, and due to cross the finishing line of the Boston Marathon on June 30th. So far they’ve managed to raise over $50,000, with more coming in every day.

Danny Bent, one of the organisers, asked if Feet Don’t Fail Me Now could be their official theme song, and of course I didn’t have to think very hard before saying yes. Best wishes to all the runners involved, they’re part of something very special and it’s a fitting response to a terrible tragedy.

You can follow the baton’s progress on their live feed here, donate here, read a USA Today feature article here, and read their blog post about Feet Don’t Fail Me Now here.

I was also approached recently by Bon Collins, remarkable founder of The Little Bird Foundation, whose response to being diagnosed with a serious bone condition was to set up a charity to help others in a similar position. Despite living with a highly debilitating illness, Bon has been working hard to raise funds for others who may not be able to afford the essential equipment they need.

Spending a lot of time in a wheelchair or with restricted movement might explain why Feet Don’t Fail Me Now became an important song for her too, and I’m delighted for it to be the charity’s official theme. I find Bon’s reaction so inspiring and I was honoured to accept her offer of being The Little Bird Foundation’s first patron.

Find out more information on the Little Bird Foundation website here, or their Facebook page here.

One Run For BostonThe Little Bird Foundation

May 11, 2013
Jake Morley

Back Together At Last


Although I didn’t know it at the time, the night I first met John Parker and Luke Concannon from Nizlopi in 2010 became quite a significant one where every act on the bill split up and started playing music with each other.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to share a stage with John regularly as he brought his double bass to life on my songs. The end of Nizlopi was very hard for him, but over time he’s developed into an irreplaceable session musician for lots of great artists.

Moving on was hard for Luke too, but he’s managed to record an exceptional solo album, and now they’ve agreed to their first set of dates back together since the split:

Sunday 16th June – support from Paper Aeroplanes and Rob Bearsby
Monday 17th June – support from me and Antonio Lulic

Both nights will be at The Borderline, London and sold out in a few hours. If you got a ticket for the Monday, I look forward to seeing you there.

May 5, 2013
Jake Morley


Band Rehearsals 2013

Things seem to have moved forward quite a bit recently. In the space of a week I met some engineers and producers and spent two days rehearsing new songs with the band. I’m starting to get a crazy feeling in my belly… maybe it’s time to get into the studio again??

There are 16 songs on my current list. Some feel like the best I’ve ever written, others less so. The current plan is to record the first batch soon, release some, then just keep going.

In the meantime I have a stack of gigs this month:

4th May 2013 Miss Peapods Cornwall TIX
9th May 2013 The Angel Suffolk FREE
11th May 2013 Bucks Student Union, supporting Everything Everything High Wycombe INFO
13th May 2013 Gaslight Club, Oporto Leeds FREE
16th May 2013 Guitar Bar Nottingham £5/£3
20th May 2013 Moles Bath £3
23rd May 2013 Full Moon Cardiff £4
31st May 2013 South Devon Arts Centre Totnes £8

I’m so sorry there are such big holes on this list… London, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and many more, I’ll be releasing a stack of Autumn tour dates in the coming weeks. I really do want to play everywhere then, we will leave no town unturned.

Much love, will do tour blogs for this month’s dates too, see below for the first one.
Jake x

Apr 20, 2013
Jake Morley

I Made A Sign

I Made A Sign

Mar 8, 2013
Jake Morley

Work In Progress Gigs

“Yarrrgggh” the grizzly bear roared.

“Yargh yourself” I replied, darting behind him in one smooth motion and leaping high on his back, pointing towards the sunrise. “Let’s explore the wilderness”.

Well anyway I think I’m coming to the end of all that nonsense now, so here’s an idea.

How about we go to a really small venue, maybe 30 of us or something. I’ll play mainly new songs and together we’ll get a feel for which ones are good, and which ones are, quite frankly, amazing.

What I’ve got in mind is a ‘Work In Progress’ theme. Be prepared for me to stop a song half way through because I’ve been hit by the crushing realisation that it’s rubbish. I’ll talk a bit about the songs, and you should feel free to voice your opinions if you want to.

We could do it sort-of-regularly as the songs develop into an album. Maybe once every couple of months in London, and in other parts of the UK as well if possible. Because it’s not the finished article, I’ll make sure the tickets are as cheap as possible, basically just enough to cover the pyrotechnic display in the finale.

It’s not a focus group or anything – just a chance to play new material to people who will be honest and will forgive me if I make the odd foray into a genre or subject one should never foray into.

If you think that’s you then let me know, along with where you live and we’ll try and make it happen.
Or just stay tuned for when the ‘Work In Progress’ dates are announced.

In the meantime, I’ll be doing short sets in Nottingham, Bristol and Bury next week, with other dates planned for April and May. My gigs page has more info:

Big grizzly love
jake x

Jan 31, 2013
Jake Morley

I Woz Hacked

Some spambot or international hacking movement deemed it necessary to hack my site. No demands were made, so I presume I just have to write better songs.

Sorry to anyone who wasn’t interested in The Darwin Awards or rare Christian books, it’s all fixed now. Who does this and why?

Jan 24, 2013
Jake Morley

Canada #1 – Fancy a room like this?

Nice pad

It’s permanently set up for live music, with drums, piano, guitars, amps, a double bass (yes John Parker) and a pool table. Speaking of pools, there’s actually a swimming pool under the stage which they don’t really use. The trapdoor is under the drum stool…

If there’s one thing they have here in Canada it is space. It’s not much more expensive to build a big house than a small house, so they figure why not make a room like this? After 20 hours of travelling to a foreign country, this is what you want to see when you arrive.

I’ve been working on a song forever now called Watch Yourself, it’s been the source of a lot of love and stress for me, perhaps too much. I even broke down into a sobbing mess about it last week, not much of a cryer so that came as a bit of a surprise. Anyway I made a bit of a breakthrough on the plane journey, writing some new words on a sick bag (hey even if the lyrics are rubbish it’s gotta be a better destiny than the sick bag was expecting). So feeling a bit better about that.

If there’s one thing they… ok one sec if there’s two things they have here in Canada it is space and extremely lovely people. I’m staying with a wonderful family, who are friends with many other wonderful people, all of whom seem to smile warmly, show genuine interest in other people’s lives, and have interesting jobs like “geo-technical engineer” and another long job title I heard which basically consists of walking in the woods with your dogs. I’m starting to see what all the fuss with Canada is about.

My gig at Coldsnap Festival tomorrow night has sold out now, and it’s a lovely room, so the scene is certainly set. Dala, Derek Joyce and I did a songwriter’s workshop today where we talked about songs and played songs in an independent bookstore (was just the right side of hippy). It was hosted by CBC Radio One which is the equivalent of BBC Radio 1, only they have fewer banging beats. Dala are lovely, have exquisite voices and songs that people love on first hearing. They’re very popular in Canada, and had the crowd eating out of their hand at their gig tonight. Compared to them I feel like my stuff isn’t as easy for people to like, which initially gets me down, but ultimately I’m cool with it. Everyone has to be themselves right? I don’t mind if my music is less accessible.

If there’s one thing… ok bored of that joke now. Another thing canada does is snow. This is proper snow, not sunday league amateur dramatics snow. Snow where you could accidentally walk into a wall of it and never find your way out again. Tomorrow I’m going snowshoing, which I’d never heard of until I got here. It’s basically walking, only with big shoes to stop you sinking in the snow. Something like #jakemorleysnowshoeing was apparently trending on twitter here, tho I think the person who told me that was exaggerating because like everyone here she was really friendly. Or maybe she didn’t know the threshold of how many tweets make a trend. Still I can’t wait, tomorrow we’re walking on snow, doing two more radio shows then a sold out gig . Yes. Yes please.

Jan 19, 2013
Jake Morley

Canada Warm Up

Signature Brew

(L-R Frank Turner, Professor Green, Craig Finn, Dry The River, Enter Shakari)

Yesterday I got a late-notice invite to play a gig in Camden for Signature Brew. They work with musicians to design their own custom beer and they’re good guys who love their music so I said yes. Besides I fancied getting in some stage time before going on tour to Canada next week.

Gigs have a way of holding up a mirror to you, and I guess I looked like I’ve got a few rough edges, but I’m feeling passionate about what’s to come and excited to share it. Bring on Canada, will be very pleased to meet you.

Also – loving this setlist lying around backstage from a previous gig:

photo (11)

Jan 19, 2013
Jake Morley

New Music: Atoms For Peace

Atoms For Peace was always my favourite song on Thom Yorke’s solo album The Eraser. One of the vocal melodies in it is so good it’s worth applauding it loudly while you listen.

His new band of the same name are about to release their first album. Love the production on this, like the bits at the end where they take the reverb on and off the claps. Even if it’s not to your taste keep looking for new music, there’s always more to create. Let’s push things forward!

Jan 15, 2013
Jake Morley

New Music: Liz Lawrence

Liz Lawrence

Spending every day only playing your own music is the best way to lose all possible perspective about music. Maybe some great artists do their best work by avoiding perspective, but I kinda like it.

Liz Lawrence has made a wonderful album, and I got huge amounts of joy playing bass on it. Even from her early demos she had real fire in her belly and a stubborn sort of confidence that often characterises the best artists. She ain’t just mucking about…

She’s ready to release it now, and you can even name your price to buy it on her bandcamp page. Well worth a listen:


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